Blankenship Amp Head in an Authentic Signed Kerry Wright Headshell – In Black Tolex

Blankenship Amp Head in an Authentic Signed Kerry Wright Headshell – In Black Tolex


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Check out this Blankenship/Kerry Wright Collaboration on a Marshall Style 50 Watt JTM45 Amp Head.....This was a limited run of 4 or 5 heads.  Outfitted with Gold Lion KT66's,  Vintage Pre-Amp Tubes that include a  Mullard 12AX7, and  a long plate Sylvania. This is an extraordinary build by 2 of the best .....Roy Blankenship & Kerry Wright 

Roy Blankenship :

"The JTM45 is a replica of the original Marshall amplifiers, based on the 5F6-A Fender Bassman circuit. If you look at a '59 Bassman and turn it sideways, you will see the resemblance. The 5F6-A circuit is renowned as one of the best guitar platforms ever made, and this is validated by the success of the Marshall products. Initially, demand for the JTM45's was so great, Marshall had to source transformers from a surplus supply, hence the name Radiospares. That name has become synonymous with the Holy Grail Marshall products. The amplifier used on the famed John Mayall Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton "Beano" album was reputed to have been one of the first 2 x 12 combos using the JTM 45 amplifier, afterward referred to as the Bluesbreaker. "

      "This amplifier has been constructed with the Mercury-sourced Radiospare replica transformers, NOS mustard caps and reproduction chassis and faceplates. There was not a source in Great Britain for 6L6 power tubes, so KT66's were used in the early amps, transitioning to EL34's in later versions. This amp was made with the KT66's as a nod toward the early versions. While the earliest amps used an industrial version of the output transformer that included a 70 volt tap for use in a warehouse PA system, this amplifier uses the more conventional 4-8-16 ohm output tap configuration so you have the convenience of using any speaker or combination of speakers."