Josh Williams

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My love of working with my hands came from my father, who was a skilled craftsman and allowed me to work alongside him as I grew up.  Then, I developed a passion for guitars and searched for a way to bring the two together.  I found and attended the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery where I learned practical and theoretical training in the creation and repair of both acoustic and electric guitars.

I graduated from the five-month program at Roberto-Venn and worked diligently to sharpen my skills in design, detailing and finish work.  Then, a well-known and respected repair shop in San Diego, The Blue Guitar, hired me.  During my time there, I met and apprenticed under Yuris Zeltins, an incredible, highly respected luthier known around the world.  His knowledge of over 40 years in the study of French polishing and his specialization in classical and flamenco guitars influenced me in ways I had never imagined.

I’m taking the immeasurable information from these experiences and now build and repair in Temecula Valley, California.  I personally handle every step in the building process, from picking out the wood to carving the braces, spraying the finish to the final set up.   Keeping with the traditional way allows me to pay attention to every little detail in every custom instrument.