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Now Two Locations: 1206 Burbank Blvd. Burbank, CA 91506 | 11636 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604




“We’ve all been in nice boutique guitar shops, and normally when I go into one

I’m tempted to buy a few things… but at L.A. Vintage Gear, I literally want to buy

everything  they have in their shop. Clif has all of the good stuff with none of the fluff.

The guys that work there are great guitar players and very knowledgeable about all things guitar related. It’s a beautiful shop with a great vibe… Clif definitely did it right.”

-Michael Landau 

“I love buying great axes from LA Vintage gear. It’s owned by a guy who’s as excited about music as you are, so it’s a super positive and friendly atmosphere (Ask for Clif). You get to take your time sit and try all the wonderful gear while you gaze at all the eye candy on display. Be prepared to have fun….”

-Will Lee

       “LA Vintage Gear reminds me of the thrill I would get walking into local music stores as a kid. It’s a place for discovering the tones that will literally change your life as a guitar player. While you’re there be sure and make friends with the owner/ proprietor Clif Jones. Warm hearted and a true storyteller, he buys the best gear on the planet so that you can hear it for yourself in a cozy setting.”

-Tim Pierce

“Clif said he would give me a Two -Rock amp and some killer pedals if I wrote something cool about him…” “Clif is the kind of guy that has a special knack for hanging and dealing with musicians, because first off, he is one, and also because he had a pretty distinguished career as a recording engineer in one of the top studios in the world, the Village Recorders. Coming from that world and the trenches here in LA, he has no fear or reluctance to try new gear or other products dealing with the manufacturers, builders and pros, and is as down to earth as mud on your shoes.He has been very compassionate and helpful, and very fair selling not only my gear, but for many others, and some in serious life situations where his help was above and beyond the call of normal business.” “Go on in, see some startling gear, tons of fine guitars in every flavor and color, a great man-cave kind of atmosphere (not offensive to the ladies!) and a huge knowledge base of things that have made music history, music sense and the time to share it with you… long as it’s by 4:30PM!! He’s outta there, gone!”

-Chuck kavooras

“LA Vintage Gear is my favorite kind of guitar shop.  They carry the coolest hard to find pedals, amps, and guitars around, and the vibe is perfect. Clif is a wonderful guy and he and his employees are super knowledgable about the gear they carry. A must visit L.A. guitar shop!”

-Val McCallum

“LA Vintage Gear is a great shop for the best gear including highly desirable boutique items – fantastic instruments, effects, amps etc. Clif knows his business extremely well and provides excellent service to all his customers. It’s the primo place to go for those in the know and looking for the very best. If you don’t know it already you have to have check it out!”

-Lyle WORKMan

“Clif Jones has been a staple of the Los Angeles music scene for over 3 decades. His knowledge he puts into the shop attracts many “top level cats” purchasing a lot of the top-line products he carries. Sam and Joe his employees are top notch and they treat you with the respect you deserve with friendly detail to each customer.

His online “Reverb” store is a “must go-to” when you don’t feel like jumping in the car. One click and Sam and Joe are on the case…sending your order to your doorstep right away!”

-Curt “Kirkee B.” Bisquera

“Here you have the best Vintage Guitar Shop just about anywhere in the world !

I’ve traveled around the World maybe 10/15 times and visited a lot of shops over the last 45 years . .

I can maybe count the shops on one hand that come close, in comparison, with L.A. VINTAGE GEAR . . . . . . in my opinion . . . . . . A most Impressive Distinction . . . . . . . .”

The best quality vintage instruments and the best music shop in L.A. by far. . . . . . . . . . “

-Jimmy Haslip

“Clif and the dudes are always welcoming.  The hang is as great as the gear!”

-John Paterno

“The ‘best’ watering hole  in LA for real musicians!”

-Lee Sklar

“L.A. Vintage gear is awesome! Clif has helped me sell a lot of my used gear – he’s always friendly and easy to work with. Plus they have an amazing selection of guitars and amps!”

-Scott Henderson

“LA Vintage gear is my dream store! The only shop in the world with all my favorite amps, guitars and effects! Along with an owner that cares about his clients needs and aims to please, he’s also a really nice guy! And Beatle fans like him can do no wrong in my book!”

Bravo LA Vintage Gear!

-Bruce Gaitsch

“Clif and his guys at LA Vintage Gear have a store that I would call ‘dangerous’. It’s dangerous because I just want to start handing them my money when I walk in and see all of the fantastic gear they carry! What a shop…”

-Jason Orme

“Hello fellow tone chasers, gear-heads and night owls! There are many reasons why I loiter at L.A. Vintage Gear. It’s not because they have a comfortable couch to sit on while I peruse the copious amounts of rare boutique pedals, amps and guitars. It’s not because they have free parking. It’s not because they’re next door to L.A. Sound Design. It’s not because they’re actually in Burbank, not L.A.  It’s not because Clif and his staff (get your minds out of the gutter) are very knowledgeable. It’s not because I’ve spent millions of dollars there (HUGE exaggeration) and he won’t give me a free guitar pick. It’s not because of the friendly, non- pretentious atmosphere, either. It’s because they have the cleanest toilet in L.A. (Burbank).”

 “So, please stop by and check out all the rare gear and amazing bathroom!”

“Don’t forget to change your strings and your underwear.”

-Jay Gore

“What’s not to love when you walk in the door at LAVG.  Walls chock full of high quality amps, guitars, boutique pedals… all made by some of the best in the business.  Clif doesn’t spare any expense, and he knows what’s good.  The camaraderie and hang is always off the hook too!  Great people all around.”

-Guy Martin

“Been blown away since the minute I first walked into the shop – great gear, great service, great people! Clif and his team always make you feel welcome, help you with any questions or wishes and most important get the (extra)ordinary guitarist the stuff for his gear acquisition syndrome and to make his dreams come true! Probably one of (if not THE) best boutique shop in the world!“

-Sebastian Lorenz

“Over the past 3 years we’ve purchased about 6 amps and at least 6 guitars! I’m an A list guitar tech but I hate to drop names but I will drop a couple. Clif Jones and LA Vintage Gear!

Thanks for having one of the coolest boutique music stores in the country! You always have the most cutting edge new amps, pedals and guitars. Not your usual gear.”

I love dropping in to see what’s new!

-Herman Eng

“First off, LA Vintage Gear really is the place in the Los Angeles area to get the best guitars, amps and pedals from the most well respected boutique builders.  He has some fantastic vintage pieces all around, but I’m most drawn to the boutique luthiers, amp makers and pedal manufacturers.  Clif is a really great guy – straight up knows his stuff and always a pleasure to make a deal, whether it’s for something in the shop, or even a custom piece from one of his luthiers.  You are always treated well.”

-Alan Baral

“I don’t even play guitar and I love this store…..(my son is a player)”

-Mike Bone

“Hello, hello! I’m the guy who bought the blue Two-Rock Traditional Clean 100W head and cab a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been meaning to write for a while now. I play that thing for a couple of hours everyday and it is sublime! What a truly marvelous amp. I absolutely love it and I wanted to let everyone at L.A. Vintage know how much I appreciate you guys making it available. Thank you! “

-Stephen ( Two Rock Customer )