L.A. Vintage Gear has open Pre-Order Two Rock build slots . You can order ANYTHING ! You want – But Pre-Order spots close May 1st .

Also please note Two Rocks prices did go up effective April 13th

Cost of Materials .

 All amps ordered will ship by mid July !

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L.A. Vintage Gear is proud to announce our dealership with Two-Rock Amplifiers.
We don’t take in a lot of builders but when we do we consider them special.
Founded in 1999 with performance and customer service in mind, Two-Rock Amplifiers was founded by Bill Krinard and Joe Mloganoski and in just a few years’ time, it became the boutique industry leader.

In November of 2016, Mac Skinner (Two-Rock operations exec) and longtime Two-Rock artist Eli Lester, teamed up to purchase the brand. Additionally, they’ve brought back the original Two-Rock co-founder and designer, Bill Krinard as the designer/engineer on the team.

This group of amplifier artisans has continued to deliver fully transparent and touch-sensitive tonal performance at the very highest level of the industry. It’s this hand-wired point to point excellence that has been relied upon by musicians worldwide.