Kerry Wright Cabinets

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~ Kerry Wright Cabinets ~

Chances are you know the name , know the cabinet , know the sound , know the workmanship .

Kerry over the span of 30 years + has worked out the formula for the best sounding speaker enclosures and takes immense pride in his construction and materials .

Every cabinet , with the exception of the “ one offs” comes with an open and closed back . Every cabinet comes with a Kerry Wright handstitched cover ! He actually sits down and sews together your cover on a vintage sewing machine .

These aren’t assembly line mass produced speaker cabinets . Kerry does EVERY aspect of the building of your cabinet . He farms NOTHING out . Kerry is a One Man Band …. Period

Check out our inventory . We also have 1 X 12 KW and 2 X 12 Cabs and several ” one off ” cabs ”  Please reach out with any questions you may have

You want your sound to be the best it can be !?

Then invest in a Kerry Wright Cabinet