Quarantine Effects – “The Two” Preamp Pedal – Free Domestic Shipping!

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Quarantine Effects – “The Two” Preamp Pedal – Free Domestic Shipping!


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We are happy to announce a new pedal line to L.A. Vintage Gear...... Quarantine Effects USA.  We carry the full line of Time Machine Pre Amp Pedals by Reeves Carney. Free shipping within the Continental United States . For International Shipping Please Contact Us!

The Two :

The 1950’s saw the rise of Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Etta James... the list goes on. If you’re looking to get that magic tone from that inimitable golden era, without tracking down Scotty Moore’s amplifier or having to take out a second mortgage on your home, look no further than “The Two!” Can transport you from Country Blues/Rockabilly to “Johnny B. Good” growl, all the way to late 1950’s Dancehall warmth, with the flip of a (rotary) switch. An equally powerful tool for Jazz players, “The Two” is a one-stop shop for those looking for the classic breakup characteristics indicative of the era. Designed and hand wired by Guitarist/Engineer, Reeve Carney right here in the USA.