Quarantine Effects – “The One” Preamp Pedal – Free Domestic Shipping!

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Quarantine Effects – “The One” Preamp Pedal – Free Domestic Shipping!


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We are happy to announce a new pedal line to L.A. Vintage Gear...... Quarantine Effects USA.  We carry the full line of Time Machine Pre Amp Pedals by Reeves Carney. Free shipping within the Continental United States . For International Shipping Please Contact Us!

The One : 

A tribute to the early pioneers of Rock n’ Roll... The Time Machine Preamplifiers’ “The One” resurrects the distinctive sounds of that early golden era, offering them in a pedal format. Calling to mind the likes of Les Paul, Julie London and Nat King Cole, among others... “The One” recreates the distinctively warm sounds of the late 1940’s and early 50’s, while maintaining the headroom necessary to let your fingers to do the talking!  If you’re an early Rock n’ Roll fan, or a Jazz player looking to equip yourself with the classic saturation and equalization characteristics of that golden era, look no further than “The One!” Designed and hand wired by Guitarist/Engineer Reeve Carney, right here in the USA.