Park P50M Head & P2x12LTD Cab – White Tolex with Blue Grill Cloth

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Park P50M Head & P2x12LTD Cab – White Tolex with Blue Grill Cloth

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Here we have a new offering from illustrious amp builder Mitch Colby..... Park P50M Head & 2x12LTD Cabinet in Custom White Tolex & Blue Grill Cloth outfitted with Vintage Tubes from our collection,  and 2 x 12" Celestion G12M 20 watt Heritage Greenback Speakers. More aggressive version of the P50 with diode rectification and later “Plexi” specifications

The Park 50  is available with the various different circuit designs

The P50 is warm but aggressive. This early plexi circuit with a GZ34 tube rectifier and EL34s gives you the best of both worlds. The differently voiced channels (one brighter than the other) add flexibility. Since the P50 has the early version of the 50 watt plexi circuit, the bright channel still gives you plenty of bottom end so you do not have to jump channels for a full sound. As with all Park amps we use carefully selected parts to recreate the sound and feel of the originals including custom USA made transformers (built the old fashioned way with paper bobbins), steel chassis, custom Park banana knobs, Park black plexi block logo and Celestion Heritage speakers in the combo. This model is similar to an amp referred to a “Black Flag”. As of July 2021, the Park 50 now comes with a power transformer that produces slightly higher voltages. Ever wonder why some older “M” amps sounds better than others? Well…wonder no more.

The P50M is a similar amp but with diode rectification and additional fingering for a slightly more aggressive and defined tone especially when overdriven. It is available in two version which are LEAD and BASS. The LEAD is typical of the more aggressive plexi 50 amps and the BASS has less high end response and more bottom end for a more balanced sound which, in our opinion, is a more useful all around tonal balance, better as a pedal platform and more typical of Park amps.


Cabinet Speakers: 2x12

Tubes: three 12AX7s, two EL34s ( Vintage Tubes from our Collection )

Front Panel Controls: Volume, Master, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Bright Switch, Punch Switch

Front Panel: High and Low Inputs, On/Off switch, Standby switch, On/Off indicator, Fuse

Back panel: Fuse, AC inlet, two speaker jacks, impedance selector (4, 8, 16 ohms), FX Send, FX Return, FX Bypass switch

Power: 45 watts clean, 65 watts fully driven

Chassis: Heavy duty steel with welded corners

Impedance: 4, 8, 16 ohms

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