Fender 1965 Princeton Amp – Great low powered amp for pedals!

Fender 1965 Princeton Amp – Great low powered amp for pedals!


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Up for grabs is a super clean black panel Fender Princeton amp from 1965 in excellent working condition. The amp is all original including the Oxford Speaker, circuit caps and components, pots, and transformers. It was brought to us by a local who kept it in great shape. This thing sounds wonderful and takes pedals as good as most higher powered Fender amps due to it's gorgeous clean tone courtesy of the 12AT7 preamp tube.

Tube Configuration: RCA Gray Plate 7025 (NOS), JJ 12AX7, 2 x RCA Gray Plate 6V6GT (NOS),  Amperex branded Mullard GZ34.

Circuit: AA964

Chassis Stamp: A06726

Transformer Codes: 606-5-48 (48th week of 1965) 606-5-39 (39th week of 1965)

Oxford Speaker Code: 465 546 (46th week of 1965)

Tube layout

AA964 Tube layout (Seen from behind, V1 is to the right side)

  • V1 12ax7 = Preamp tube
  • V2 12ax7 = Vibrato / Phase inverter
  • V3 6V6 = Power tube #1
  • V4 6V6 = Power tube #2
  • V5 GZ34 = Rectifier tube


"The Princeton Amp is often misinterpreted as a Princeton Reverb without reverb. Just by looking at the front panel and the knob functions it might seem so. A closer study of the circuit design will reveal that the Princeton Reverb has an extra gain stage (one half of the 12AX7 V3 tube) just after the dry and the wet reverb signals are mixed. This means that there is one extra tube stage that can cause preamp gain and contribute to the tone with sustaining harmonics, compression and sag. Hence, the Princeton-Amp is cleaner than the Princeton-Reverb when the volume is pushed beyond 3-4. The volume knob is less sensitive on the Princeton Amp, and you can play them on volume 7-8 still sounding clean." - Fenderguru

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