Kerry Wright Custom Cab – Blonde Fender Style Unloaded – Built For 1 x 12″ Speaker

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Kerry Wright Custom Cab – Blonde Fender Style Unloaded – Built For 1 x 12″ Speaker


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Kerry Wright , my friend , true raconteur , rascal  , badass and take zero grief from ANYONE guy !

Kerry left us to a massive heart attack 6 months ago , succumbing at his shop , 2 days after his pal Eddie Van Halen’s death. Kerry didn’t take Eddie’s passing lightly . We @ LAVG and L.A Sound Design miss this big no B.S. “ Bottom Line “ Lug of a Man

L.A. Vintage Gear , Me , Clif Jones , bought 23 Kerry Wright Cabinets from a cat who is retiring from the gear business .These cabs were built, signed and in many cases LOADED with vintage speakers by KW .

You want the best of the best in Pro Speaker Cabinets ? That’s a Kerry Wright , The Dumble of Speaker Cabinets . Who do you think Alexander Dumble had build Alexanders Head shells and cabinets ? , KW .

Here’s your chance to purchase the best of the best . All Minty , Never taken out of his studio . These won’t be built again.

L.A. Vintage Gear will also be listing 320 Speakers , yup the right ones ,  soon . Bookmark us . We are also looking at a collection of 12,000. Guitar amp and High end Audiophile tubes .

In the Words of my Dear Pal Michael Landau “ Juicy , Juicy “

Please note * LAVG had double walled shipping boxes with foam corners top and bottom , 8 of them made for us . These cabinets are irreplaceable and we are leaving nothing to chance with these transit companies , hence the shipping costs

Kerry Wright Custom Cab (JC9) - Blonde 'Fender Style' Unloaded
For 1 x 12" Speaker
Signed  By Kerry Wright, Includes Custom Fitted Vinyl Cover.

Year : 2012

Dimensions : 22w x 18h x 12d