Kerry Wright Custom 2 x 12 Cab & Head with 6L6 Chassis – ‘Brown Stripe Stack’ with Fane Speakers

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Kerry Wright Custom 2 x 12 Cab & Head with 6L6 Chassis – ‘Brown Stripe Stack’ with Fane Speakers

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Kerry Wright , my friend , true raconteur , rascal  , badass and take zero grief from ANYONE guy !

Kerry left us to a massive heart attack 6 months ago , succumbing at his shop , 2 days after his pal Eddie Van Halen’s death. Kerry didn’t take Eddie’s passing lightly . We @ LAVG and L.A Sound Design miss this big no B.S. “ Bottom Line “ Lug of a Man

L.A. Vintage Gear , Me , Clif Jones , bought 23 Kerry Wright Cabinets from a cat who is retiring from the gear business .These cabs were built, signed and in many cases LOADED with vintage speakers by KW .

You want the best of the best in Pro Speaker Cabinets ? That’s a Kerry Wright , The Dumble of Speaker Cabinets . Who do you think Alexander Dumble had build Alexanders Head shells and cabinets ? , KW .

Here’s your chance to purchase the best of the best . All Minty , Never taken out of his studio . These won’t be built again.

L.A. Vintage Gear will also be listing 320 Speakers , yup the right ones ,  soon . Bookmark us . We are also looking at a collection of 12,000. Guitar amp and High end Audiophile tubes .

In the Words of my Dear Pal Michael Landau “ Juicy , Juicy “

Please note * LAVG had double walled shipping boxes with foam corners top and bottom , 8 of them made for us . These cabinets are irreplaceable and we are leaving nothing to chance with these transit companies , hence the shipping costs

Kerry Wright Custom 2 x 12 Cab & Head with Chassis - 'Brown Stripe Stack'
 Fane Speakers,  6L6's & 12AX7 Tubes . Beautiful Brown Stripe Finish & Custom Fitted Vinyl Covers. Signed by Kerry Wright.

Year: 2004

Dimensions :

Head: 16w x16h x 10 1/4d

Cab: 28 1/2w x 19h x 12d


  This Amplifier / Speaker Cabinet set was custom built & covered in 1956 Cadillac Trunk lining material by Kerry Wright. The Amplifier is designed and produces full range output at 4, 8 or 16 ohms. It’s 35 watts minimum output at full volume. The rear panel houses the output jack plate so that connection to any speaker cabinet is instantaneous via the output jacks to match the speaker cabinet impedance you choose to use. The front panel is simplistic with input, volume, bass & treble and a lighted on/off switch bat to indicate if the amp is on or off. This amp is closest in tone and output to a mid 1960’s JTM 45 tone. It loves humbucking’s. A multitude of range is at your fingertips via the volume control on your guitar. You set the volume at ¾ to full and use the volume control on your guitar to play rhythm at a lower volume and turn up the volume on your guitar to get overdrive.

        The amplifier tube complement is: 5R4 rectifier tube, 2 X 6L6GC output tubes and 3 X 12AX7 tubes.

        All three amps , that are listed ,  are identical electronically except the 56 caddy covered one which has a removable front panel to “roll tubes”. (The amp in 56 Caddy trunk lining has a removable front panel so that you can access the 12AX7 in the front and change this tube which will change the voicing of the amp to suit your taste.) (All 3 amps have a lot of bass.) The Green Levant amp chassis is the only one that is chrome plated.  

Great Rig !