Zaor Miza Monitor Stand MK II – Adjustable Heavy Duty Monitor Floor Speaker Stands!

Zaor Miza Monitor Stand MK II – Adjustable Heavy Duty Monitor Floor Speaker Stands!


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ZAOR MIZA Stands were designed with two main criteria in mind: They should be affordable and yet designed to the best standards of technical performance and design. Zaor chose the same materials as for the other items in the MIZA range, but with two particulars, that make it a very professional and highly useable speaker stand: They added a pad of AERSTOP on top of the stand, that helps isolate the speaker from the stand, reducing the propagation of lower frequency content through the speaker to the floor and thus the room.

Zaor Miza Stand MkII unique features:

  • Sleek, modern designs with solid, sturdy build quality
  • Adjustable feet
  • Adjustable height
  • All Monitor Stands are hand-built and tested before leaving the factory

Zaor Miza Stand MkII key features and specifications:

Adjustable Height: 33.7" – 47.5" (min to max)
Top Plate Depth : 9"
Top Plate Width : 8.4"
Base Depth : 12.6"
Base Width : 11.6"
AERstop pad

About Zaor:

Founded in 2004 by seasoned audio professionals from Italy and Germany Zaor (pronounced Zay-or) recognized the lack of functional studio furniture combining attractive and inspiring design with ergonomic efficiency. Since then, Zaor has grown to be Europe's number one supplier of ready-made and custom recording studio furniture.
A combination of Italian design, piano builder's precision, and German engineering, Zaor’s mission is to create the perfect studio environment, equally pleasing to the eyes and ears. “In essence, your gear should be placed in such a way that nothing interferes with the magic moment when it hits... “
According to Zaor’s design philosophy, walking into your creative center should be a gratifying experience, with everything catering to your needs for a smooth workflow. When you look around your studio, you should no be distracted by clutter, rather uplifted by the exquisite environment that is uniquely yours.