Waterslide S-Style Coodercaster Electric Guitar

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Waterslide S-Style Coodercaster Electric Guitar


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This beautiful and unique instrument was owned by Val McCallum -  L.A. Session Guitarist and longtime member of legendary artist/songwriter Jackson Browne's band. The Waterslide S-Style Coodercaster, named after the illustrious Ry Cooder, is one part lapsteel and one part S-Style Guitar with a Gold Foil pickup in the neck position and a Valco-style lap steel pickup by Mojo Pickups UK which nails the vintage sound and design of the early pickups used on Supro, Oahu & National steel guitars. Lots of sustain, and punch with a fat tone to boot! Their unique design with a surrounding metal base plate and pickup cover has a special magic with open tunings and bottleneck playing and a favorite of many modern guitarists in this genre like Blake Mills, Jason Isbelll, and of course Ry Cooder himself....

Those of you familiar with Coodercasters know that the design of these old Valco-style lap steel pickups typically results in a middle position where three strings are in-phase and three are out. Waterslide has worked with Mojo Pickups to come up with a solution to that problem so all Waterslide Coodercasters with Mojo UK lap steel & gold foil pickups feature a switching system which allows all six strings to be in-phase with each other when both pickups are on.


- Serial #: 8/23/20
- Weight : 8 lbs

- Boatneck profile (.98" at first fret) check
- 1 11/16" bone nut check
- Scale length 25.5” check

- 12" radius check

- Lightweight swamp ash body
- 'blood orange' nitro finish
- Flamed maple/rosewood neck
- Kluson vintage tuners
- Mojo lap steel & Guyatone-spec Gold Foil pickups
- Kluson vintage-style vibrato w/ steel block
- Hardshell case included