Vintage Sylvania 6L6GC Pair – Tests NOS!

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Vintage Sylvania 6L6GC Pair – Tests NOS!


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Sylvania 6L6GC Pair

Thanks for checking out our massive tube collection! These tubes all originate from one of the largest collections in North America. 

All tubes have been pre-tested and matched (at no additional cost) on industry-standard testers. 

The Sylvania 6L6GC are the work horse of the USA tubes with tone for days! These tubes test NOS. Also available in quads!

Tested on: Maxi-Matcher 2 and/or Hickok 600A

Price: $160

Tube Type: 6L6GC

Manufacturer: Sylvania

Manufactured in the USA

Tests as NOS

Product photos are stock examples of what you will receive. The construction of the getter and the logo may differ; the logo may be wiped off or weak. The tubes may arrive in their original boxes or non-original white boxes.

Tube type, manufacture, and NOS test quality will not change. 

We guarantee NOS test scores, no microphonics (noisy tubes), tight matches, and that they work in your application. 

Shop Policy 

        • Tubes are guaranteed for 30 days
        • Preamp tubes are matched by gain and mutual conductance (Gm)
        • Power tubes are matched by mA and Gm
        • All tubes tested for microphonics and are guaranteed to work in an audio application

We are here to help! Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, or if you would like us to put a great tube kit together for you. We always try our best to accommodate requests, just drop us a line!


All orders are shipped within 7 business days. We can offer express shipping upon request. International shipments can take several weeks to arrive.

We pack our tubes very securely in tube sleeves and plenty of recyclable packing materials in sturdy boxes.


6 month limited warranty; LA Vintage Gear is not responsible for damaged tubes due to negligence. Improper use of the vacuum tubes or your amplifier, as well as excessive handling will void this warranty.

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