Todd Sharp VTLD1 Vacuum Tube Loop Driver – The Ultimate Buffering Interface!

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Todd Sharp VTLD1 Vacuum Tube Loop Driver – The Ultimate Buffering Interface!


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Your guitar pickup wants to see a vacuum tube before it sees anything, let alone a chain of stomp boxes and capacitive-loading cables and connections in the signal path.

The VTLD 1 Vacuum Tube Loop Driver restores dynamic touch response and tone integrity via two custom tailored tube stages: A 12AY7 receives your guitar pickup and conditions it to drive your stomp pedals. A 12AT7 recover stage sends your post effects optimized signal on to your amplifier input.

Plus – a sublime vacuum tube GAIN BOOST stage with independent level and tone control, LOOP BYPASS and a discreet MUTE/TUNE output.


Low profile set & forget controls:


Foot buttons w/LED status:

  • BYPASS – relay switched true bypass for easy loop in/out comparison
  • BOOST – sublime vacuum tube gain boost
  • MUTE/TUNE – no longer the need to plug through a tuner
  • Custom tailored impedance matching/loss compensation and gain boost circuitry
  • Discreet relay controlled signal routing throughoutSpecs:
  •  Drive Stage: (12AY7) up to 13dB drive gain into 1MΩ (15kΩ source impedance).Recover Stage: (12AT7) up to 12dB recover gain into 1MΩ (470kΩ Recover load impedance).Gain Boost: up to 25dB gain at Drive stage into 1MΩ.Input Z: 2m2Ω load, Output Z: 15kΩ source

    Power requirement: 12VAC @ 800 mA. (2.5mm barrel) Supply is included    ♠

    Dimensions: 6”w x 5.8”d x 3.75”h.

    Weight 2.4lbs. Shipping weight 3.2lbs. with supply.

    Warranty: 3 years all components, 90 days tubes.


    ♠ CIOKS AC10 or C10KOLATE recommended for VTLD1 + multi output pedal power distribution (not affiliated).