Sunrise Acoustic Pickup System – 2 Pickups & Rare Tube Pre-Amp – Great Buy Here! Discontinued!

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Sunrise Acoustic Pickup System – 2 Pickups & Rare Tube Pre-Amp – Great Buy Here! Discontinued!

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Sunrise Pickups have for years set the standard against which all other soundhole magnetic pickups are judged. In fact, they aren't just the king of the hill among magnetic pickups—there are many players who rank Sunrise pickups above even the best soundboard and undersaddle pickups. One of the most noteable Sunrise pickups users was the late Acoustic Guitar Virtuoso Michael Hedges....

Here we have a listing that Bundles not only 2x Sunrise Pickups but the Rare & Sought After Sunrise Tube Interface/Pre-Amp!

**NOTE: Passive D.I. Box Shown In Photo NOT Included.

Pickups Overview:

  "The Sunrise Pickup has earned the respect of professional players on stage and in the studio for over 20 years. In that time it has proven itself as a reliable, tough, professional unit. This pickup and matching preamp represents the ultimate in the uncompromising search for a truly acoustic guitar sound capable of high sound pressure levels. The Sunrise Pickup mounts securely in the soundhole, and can be wired with endpin and mini connectors, allowing easy removal if desired. A long wire Sunrise Pickup with 24 inch cable is available for temporary installations that run the wire out of the soundhole. Sunrise Pickups work equally well for 6 and 12 string guitars, right or left-handed. Sunrise Pickups will fit into sound holes ranging from 4" in diameter to 3 1/2". All Sunrise Pickups have the unique design feature that allows the pickup to couple and sense the body resonance and top of the guitar its mounted in, and still maintain a 116dB feedback threshold. The string volumes can be set with 6 adjustable polepieces. The pickups have an injection molded black ABS composite housing sealed in epoxy, and are completely shielded from RF and hum. 2.0K- 2.2K Ohm output. Sunrise Pickups have a transferable lifetime guarantee against defective materials or imperfect workmanship."

Includes Flight Case! (shown in photos)

Tube Interface/Pre-Amp Overview:

"The Sunrise Tube Interface is an all vacuum tube, transformerless, high resolution line amplifier. The STI reveals nuance, detail and openness with a quality usually reserved for only the finest studio microphones. Reproducing the natural voice of an acoustic guitar in the studio with only a microphone has been surpassed by the Sunrise Pickup and STI, which has become the highest standard of the industry for both live performances and recording. The Interface delivers +20 dB of gain, and has two unbalanced outputs (XLR and 1/4") with headroom in excess of +30dBv. This Tube Preamp will deliver the sonic quality and resonance of the instrument being amplified. Frequency response is flat from 2Hz to 50kHz + or - 1 dB. The two 1/4" input jacks are in parallel with an input impedance greater than 2.0 megohm to insure against pickup loading. A true 600 ohm output impedance will drive extremely long cable runs without signal degradation."


Gain: 20dB + or - .3dB
Input Impedance: 2.2 megohms
Output Impedance: 680 ohms
Frequency Response: 10Hz to 100kHz + or - .5dB 20Hz to 20kHz + or - .1dB
Distortion @ +4 dBm: 20 Hz @ less than .006% THD
Distortion @ +4 dBm: 1kHz @ less than .003% THD
Distortion @ +4 dBm: 20kHz @ less than .006% THD
Noise: less than -84dBm unweighted
Maximum Output into 10k ohms or greater: +32dBm @ less than .01 THD
Maximum Output into 600 ohms: +20dBm
Power Requirements: 110 to 120 VAC 50-60 Hz Less than 32VA
S-TI Dimensions: 8" X 6" X 5" Weight: 6Lbs. (14Lbs. with flight case)

S-FC (Flight Case)

White fiberglass flight case with steel corners, foam fitted interior for STI and power cord.

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