Shin-Ei FY2 Companion Fuzz Pedal – Brand New!

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Shin-Ei FY2 Companion Fuzz Pedal – Brand New!


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  We currently have 2 colors - as shown in the photos - Black and White. Please specify which color you would like. This reissue of Shin-ei's original FY2 Fuzz retains all the original characteristics of it's predecessor and true to spec! All brand new in the box too!
 from Shin-Ei :

The Companion FY-2 fuzz is one of the most popular vintage fuzz pedals produced in the 60's. Our new Companion FY-2 is an exact reproduction of the original.


Using only the highest quality parts, we have duplicated the original electronic circuitry of the FY-2 and recreated its original magic.


The unit is controlled by Volume and Fuzz knobs located on the back of the unit. The FY-2 bottom plate features two thumb screws giving the user easy access to the nine volt battery.