Shabat Lion Special T-Style Electric Guitar – TV Yellow Finish with Collar P90 Pickups!

Shabat Lion Special T-Style Electric Guitar – TV Yellow Finish with Collar P90 Pickups!


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Here is a gently used Relic'd Shabat Lion Special T-Style Electric Guitar in TV Yellow with Collar P90 Pickups with a Custom G&G Case (shown in photos).


About Shabat Guitars

"The “bug” of guitar building bit Avishay (Avi) Shabat early on in his life, after he discovered the truss rod in his newly purchased 5-string bass was broken. After graduating from the Algranti School of Lutherie—and handcrafting himself a new neck-through bass from the ground up—Avi moved to Los Angeles where he apprenticed for a few local guitar repair shops before joining a well-known boutique guitar company. Avi spent the next four years honing his craft, building beautiful handmade instruments, and during this time, founded a company of his own, Guitar Groomer, where he restored and repaired guitars and basses from a small shop in his home. In 2012, Avi expanded his repair business and began designing and building his own instruments, giving birth to a brand-new line of handmade electric guitars and basses—Shabat Guitars. Shabat Guitars harken back to some of the earliest electric guitar designs, offering a kind of vintage-inspired style that will catch the eye of any true guitar aficionado. Each Shabat Guitars model boasts premium-quality tonewoods, high-end electronics and professional appointments that are fully customizable to each and every player’s preferred specs."

 Avi’s impeccable sensibility for detail—as well as his expertise as a live show guitar technician—culminates in a series of stunning, inspired guitars of matchless quality that deliver a level of performance any artist would expect from a professionally designed, handcrafted instrument.
All Shabat Guitars are made in the USA, and all repair and custom work is performed at Avi’s innovative Los Angeles workshop.


Build Date: 03.09.2021

Weight: 7.70 lbs

Body: Mahogany

Neck: Roasted Maple/Rosewood

Pickups: : Lollar P90

Nut Width: 1.68"

Neck Depth @1st Fret: .76"

Neck Depth @12th Fret: .89"


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