Ronin “Silvertone” Mod Shop Electric Guitar in Metallic Blue – 2 Foilbuckers & 1 Speedster Pickup

Ronin “Silvertone” Mod Shop Electric Guitar in Metallic Blue – 2 Foilbuckers & 1 Speedster Pickup


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  New from Ronin and new to us here at L.A. Vintage Gear are these  vintage classics, moded by Ronin and now part of their "Mod-Shop" Guitar line.
  This is a beautiful Silvertone Metallic Blue Mod Shop with 2  Ronin Foil Bucker Pickups and 1 Ronin Speedster Pickup, each with it's own coil tap switch. If you're looking for a distinctive look and sound....look no further!
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Here's how they do it....
from Ronin :

"All guitars had Been disassembled cleaned and checked vigorously before any work begins to make sure we find all problems,,all necks and body’s get re centered since they never were on these,,,finding  the actual center line to rout off of is the key"

1) heat treat necks
2) level and fret job
3) routing all new pickup and control cavity’s (neck pockets when needed..
4) reglueing all body separations and various structural repairs aka tops to sides,,backs to sides / fretboards and other...(it’s a blur)
5) New nuts, pickguards, wiring harnesses,
6) all necks modified from 1/4 to 3/8 tuner shafts.
Many other small various repairs can’t remember just trying to get them done..

The only original parts used are the body and neck once in a blue moon a original  pickguard can be salvaged...



Pickups : 2x Foilbuckers, 1x Speedster
Hardware :
- Hipshot Tuners
- Foil Knobs
- 250k Pots
Bridge : Pigtail ABR
Weight : 6.77 lbs
Bridge PU (Ronin Gold Foilbucker) : 10k
Middle PU (Ronin Speedster) : 5.55k
Neck PU (Ronin Gold Foilbucker ) : 5.49k
Nut Width : 1.689"
Neck depth @1st Fret : 0.986"
Neck depth @12st Fret  :  1.079"
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