Quarantine Effects – “The Six” Preamp Pedal – Free Domestic Shipping!

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Quarantine Effects – “The Six” Preamp Pedal – Free Domestic Shipping!


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We are happy to announce a new pedal line to L.A. Vintage Gear...... Quarantine Effects USA.  We carry the full line of Time Machine Pre Amp Pedals by Reeves Carney. Free shipping within the Continental United States . For International Shipping Please Contact Us!

The Six :

The Blues took a backseat as Punk-Rock and New-Wave emerged in the late 1970’s and early 80’s... But with the emergence of a young guitar hero hailing from Austin, Texas in the early 1980’s, the Blues Renaissance began in earnest. “The Six” meticulously recreates the sounds of that era, particularly focusing on the clean tones of SRV himself, as well as those of contemporaries like Albert Collins, and players who forged the way in the subsequent Blues explosion of the late 1990’s.. If only this pedal had existed when I was a teenager!... We think you’ll really like this one. Designed and hand wired by Guitarist/Engineer Reeve Carney, right here in the USA.