Peavey T-60 Electric Guitar – Natural Finish and All Original with OHSC!

Peavey T-60 Electric Guitar – Natural Finish and All Original with OHSC!


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This Peavey T-60 Electric Guitar with out-of-phase and coil-switching options, a treble-bleed network, and individual volume and tone controls for each pickup, this dual-humbucker’s wiring was ahead of its time when it came out in 1978!

The guitar is loaded with two epoxy-potted four-conductor "full-range" humbuckers with a blade design, aka Super Ferrite pickups. They are covered with Rick-style toaster design pickup covers,  and have standard PAF dimensions, and were designed to sound good as humbuckers and single-coils when in split mode.

"Made in the U.S. between 1978 and 1988, the Peavey T-60 was perhaps Peavey's most prominent solidbody guitar made during that era, and the first guitar the brand ever produced. Many believe the T-60 has been grievously overlooked when examining historically great guitars. Though it is heavy, like many Peavey products from this time period, players have found that the tones of these guitars are so unique that it more than makes up for the instrument's mass."
"The wiring was really ahead of its time back in 1978, sporting out-of-phase and coil-split options, but in a very special way. Basically, the original wiring is using a 3-way pickup selector switch (in this case a DPDT on-on-on type) for a Les Paul-style switching with both pickups together in parallel in the middle position. Next there is a DPDT on-on switch, serving as an out-of-phase switch for the bridge pickup, and a 250k volume and tone control for each pickup, á la Les Paul but independent from the other pickup's circuit. The volume controls both have a "cap only" treble-bleed network to keep the high-end alive when rolling down the volume. The value for the T-60 guitar was 1000 pF and for the T-40 bass 0.01 uF. Besides this, the wirings are absolutely the same. The tone controls have a 0.033 uF tone cap for the bridge and a 0.022 uF tone cap for the neck pickup."
Serial#: 01168823
Weight - 8.74 lbs
Body - 3 pc Alder
Pickups - Original blade pickups
Nut Width - 1.66"
Neck Depth @1st Fret - .73"
Neck Depth @12th Fret - .83"
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