Park BN100 Amp Head – Massive Sounding Dual KT88 Guitar Amplifier !

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Park BN100 Amp Head – Massive Sounding Dual KT88 Guitar Amplifier !


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The Big Note 100 is a massive sounding dual KT88 guitar amplifier that offers bold clean and powerful overdrive tones.  Based on a vintage 200 watt UK built behemoth known for its artist use and huge sound, the Big Note brings that amazing format into the 21st century in a smaller package. While maintaining the particularly clear and defined character the amp is known for, Park has added new features that make it more useful for today’s players such as switchable channel cascading for higher gain and a Master Volume for taming the beast. The Big Note 100 uses the same specification 3” power transformer as used in early plexi 100 watt amps to create the high voltages necessary to achieve the raw power and tone the amp is capable of. The Ultralinear output transformer tops off this unique circuit and adds to the note definition and clarity. As with all Park amplifiers, the BN100 is meticulously hand-built in NYC by Mitch Colby with parts chosen for quality and tone.

The BN100’s wide tonal palette includes various sounds from Fender black panel like clean sounds to low volume, bedroom level fluid distortion, to full-blast ear protection needing overdrive. Plus much more. In all cases, punch and clarity are retained.

Features: two KT88s, two 12AX7s, one 12AU7

Controls: Volume CH I, Volume CH II, Treble, Mid, Bass, Master, Brightness (Presence)

Switchable channel cascading for higher gain. Switchable “Punch” adds bottom end. Switchable tone shift adds aggression and definition

High quality Transformers: 3” stack, high-voltage power transformer built by Chris Merren. Ultralinear output transformer built by Chris Merren. Choke built in USA

75 watts clean, 125 watts fully cranked


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