Olson “SJ” Series I Acoustic Guitar (2021) – Mint Condition & Signed & Played by James Taylor!

Olson “SJ” Series I Acoustic Guitar (2021) – Mint Condition & Signed & Played by James Taylor!


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Straight from the shop owner's personal collection is this Olson AJ Series 1 Acoustic Guitar - Personally Signed & Played by James Taylor; it was actually played by both Michael Landau & JT himself! L.R. Baggs Pickup installed!

Clif Jones , The Owner of The Guitar and L.A, Vintage Gear:

Yes - I never thought I would sell this guitar , only hand it down to my Son but times they are a changin'

This guitar was built for me by James Olson because of my relationship with Michael Landau , James Taylor long standing guitar player and the fact a buyer couldn't come thru .

This guitar was played maybe 6 hours by me and the last 2 players were Mike Landau and James as he was signing the back of the headstock for me . Mike Landau told me that JT wanted to check out how the newer JT Model Acoustics sounded so Mike played James's guitar and James played mine . Of course I wish I was a fly on the wall for that ! Going a little deeper into the story of the signing of the guitar , Mike and I and our wives retreated to Mikes room @ The Hotel Del Coronado after the gig . We are talking and I noticed the big tweed case sitting there with Mikes Guitars . I asked Mike : " Mike E. How did the signing go , as James never signs James Olson Guitars , Mike said , Bad news . James noticed a hairline crack thru the headstock . Thought maybe you would want to repair it before I signed it .

I said - Oh my , I took the guitar out of the case and the back of the headstock was signed ! I asked Mike how long he was thinking of that joke , He said " All Day " ! There you go - True story .

I don't believe James has personally signed a James Olson Guitar except for the run they did with the paper label .

My loss is Your Fun !

Serial#: 1630

Year: 2021

SJ body size

Cedar Top

East Indian Rosewood back & sides

Abalone Dove fingerboard inlays

Abalone sound hole center ring

Abalone "O" logo on peghead

Abalone top edge, back centerstrip and end wedge borders

Chrome Gotoh 510 tuners with O logo on ebony buttons

Cedar Creek AVS vintage tweed hardshell case

Baggs LB-6 pickup

(Pickguard not attached - included in case)

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