Neumann Vintage 1970 U87 Microphone with Mounting Adapter – from the Studio of Smokey Robinson

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Neumann Vintage 1970 U87 Microphone with Mounting Adapter – from the Studio of Smokey Robinson


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This is a vintage 1970 Neumann U87, one of the most sought-after condenser microphones in the world. Made in Berlin, Western Germany.  This was bought from the studio of Smokey Robinson & George Tobin! Comes with a custom fitted PELICAN CASE!


The legendary Neumann U87 is broadly considered one of the best condenser microphones made, and maybe the world’s most beloved massive diaphragm condenser. It’s outfitted with a big dual-diaphragm capsule with three directional patterns: omnidirectional, cardioid, and figure-8. These are selectable with a switch beneath the head grill. Having the option to choose from several patterns, make this microphone good for any use.A 10 dB attenuation switch is positioned on the rear. It permits the microphone to deal with sound pressure ranges as much as 127 dB without distortion. Moreover, the low-frequency response may be decreased to compensate for proximity impact.

All of those options make it so the mic can be utilized near the supply of the sound, therefore its reputation in studios. However, watch out because it additionally picks up noises, and a pop filter is crucial for good vocal recording. For the finest outcomes, this mic deserves a high-quality preamp and analog to digital converter.

Like many microphones, the U87 runs on 48-volt phantom energy provided by an XLR connector. Neumann features a cable within the box. The mic has a low impedance of 200 ohms and the utmost cable size is restricted to 980 ft to keep away from signal loss.

Because of its balanced response in each of its three directional patterns, the U 87 can also be a flexible microphone for something from acoustic guitar to drums overheads. Because of its strong bass response and wonderful midrange element, it’s usually seen in front of the bass and guitar cabinets. For classical recordings, the U 87 Ai is regularly used as a spot mic for soloists, e.g. cello. A stereo pair of U 87 Ais is the popular selection of many engineers for recording piano in just about any style from pop and jazz to classical music.

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