Morgan SW50R and 2×12 Cabinet – In Twilight Tolex!

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Morgan SW50R and 2×12 Cabinet – In Twilight Tolex!


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Here we have a Morgan SW50R head and 2x12 cabinet in a twilight tolex finish. This amp sounds amazing and gives you plenty of clean headroom while also having a lush reverb circuit. From Morgan: "The SW50R is a high headroom blackface style amp. It produces 50w from 2 6L6 tubes. The amp is based on the Small Special that was originally built by Dumble. The SW50R has my added parallel reverb circuit that keeps the original dry signal the same while adding lush 3 spring tube driven reverb along side the dry signal."


  • 50-watt, Class AB tube amp head
  • Custom USA-made Mercury Magnetics transformers for boutique-like sound
  • Simple volume, treble, bass, and level controls unleash a wide tonal range
  • Power level control helps your pedals sound their best at any volume level
  • 3-spring tube-driven reverb adds gorgeous ambience to your playing
  • Bright and bass emphasis switches add character to your tone
  • Excels with all drives, boosts, delays, and anything else you want to put in front of it

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