Michael Spalt Resin Top Guitar with Bigsby! Owned By R. Bogner

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Michael Spalt Resin Top Guitar with Bigsby! Owned By R. Bogner


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Feast your eyes on this pre-owned Michael Spalt Resin Top Totem Guitar..... These guitars look like something Picasso would have made if he were a guitar builder today! The body is Mahogany, neck is Koa with Brazillian Rosewood fingerboard.  The pickups are  P-90 style BoneTops by Michel Spalt. Build year is 2009. Hardshell Case Included.


About Totem / Resin top by Michael Spalt Guitars :

Common to all guitars in this category is the ResinTop, a unique process marrying a tonewood back with a clear resin coating on the top into which decorations and inclusions can be applied. This process was developed after experimenting with various types of resin, allowing Michael Spalt to assemble objects and assorted bric-a-brac into a homogeneous guitar body. The resin is formulated to accommodate the thermal expansion and contraction of the wood and it is sonically transparent.

The wood used for the back supplies the basic tonal characteristics and structural stability, while the wood choices for the neck allow Spalt to dial in the coloration of the sound. The resin adds sustain, and its tonal effect is similar to a maple cap over mahogany body effect; sparkle and transparency in the upper frequency ranges. As with a conventional guitar, the choice of hardware and pickups also plays a large role in determining the sound of the instrument.

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