McIntosh C-20 Tube Stereophonic Preamplifier – Recently Serviced!

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McIntosh C-20 Tube Stereophonic Preamplifier – Recently Serviced!


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Here we have an amazing McIntosh C20 Stereophonic Preamplifier in excellent condition. This Pre was recently serviced by Bob Hovland, and re-tubed from our extensive NOS tube collection.

Established in 1949, McIntosh is renowned for providing outstanding home audio solutions that deliver an exceptional audio-visual experience. Boasting two-channel stereo and multi-channel home theater systems with immersive surround sound, McIntosh has been the go-to brand for music and film lovers who expect nothing but the best.

Handcrafted in the USA, their C20 Stereophonic Preamplifier lives up to the McIntosh name: anodized in shining black and gold, this system amplifies weak electrical impulses, corrects tone balance, and switches seamlessly between sources separately or in combination without batting an eyelash. In other words, the C20 makes for a beautiful control center in any stereophonic sound system.

The McIntosh C20 is known as one of the greatest tube preamplifiers for a reason. This king of stereophonic and monophonic systems has been chosen by music lovers and professionals alike as the epitome of vintage control centers.


FREQUENCY RESPONSE±0.5db 20 to 20,000 cycles.

DISTORTIONLess than 0.2% at 2.5V output, 20 to 20,000 cycles.

HUM AND NOISEHigh-level inputs: 85db below 2.5V. Low-level inputs: less than 2 microvolts at input terminals.

INPUT SENSITIVITY AND IMPEDANCEAuxiliary, Tape, Tuner 1, Tuner 2:0.25 volts 470,000 ohms. Tape Compare (Monitor): 0.25 volts 115,000 ohms. Phono 1, Phono 2, (Low): 2 to 10 millivolts 47,000 ohms. Phono 1, Phono 2, (High): 10 to 70 millivolts 47,000 ohms. Tape Head 1, Tape Head 2: 2-10 millivolts 47,000 ohms. Xtal-Ceramic Phono 1, Xtal-Ceramic Phono 2:0.1 volt (220 mmf in series with 47,000 ohms).

OUTPUTSMain (2 jacks on each channel): 2.5V with rated input. Tape: 0.25V with rated input. Left plus Right: 2.5V from source impedance of 23,000 ohms.

VOLTAGE AMPLIFICATIONLow Level Inputs to Main Output: 60db (1000 to 1)@ 1000 cycles. Low Level Inputs to Tape Output: 40db (100 to 1)@ 1000 cycles. High Level Inputs to Tape Output: 0db (1 to 1). Tape Monitor Input to Main Output: 20db (10 to1).

AUXILIARY AC OUTLETS(5) 1 unswitched for turntable (Red), 4 switched (Black).

 POWER REQUIREMENTS35 watts @ 117V 60 cycles AC

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