Matchless Spitfire 15 Combo Amplifier – Versatility & Tone! – Studio Used Only – Great Amp !

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Matchless Spitfire 15 Combo Amplifier – Versatility & Tone! – Studio Used Only – Great Amp !


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If you're familiar with Matchless Amplifiers, you know their penchant for high quality tube design and versatility. This Spitfire 15 epitomizes simplicity and is a great amp for a variety of styles....Pre-Owned and in Excellent Condition!

Description from Matchless :

   Driven by one 12AX7, simplistic in design but with a wide range of function and tone.  The creamy tone of the Spitfire perfectly galvanizes the bridge pickup sound for both classic and modern rock sounds. The easy to dial controls and minimalist foundation makes it perfect for Jazz, Blues, Chord Melody, Country picking, and Rock.

  The Spitfire comes in a lightweight, compact cabinet, but still packs the same punch you’ve come to expect from Matchless. Like all Matchless amplifiers, the Spitfire is hand made, point to point wired and tough as nails. User controls are Volume, Tone, and Master Volume. 

‍Notes and tips from Phil Jamison:

“Starting with the Volume control slightly up towards the 11-12 o’clock position and the Tone control completely off you will hear the amp as fat and rolled off, lots of bass and no highs. Slightly turning up the Tone Control you will hear the preamp become slightly brighter near the 9 o’clock position. This is ideal for an ultra warm jazz sound or for strumming chords to add a rich layer to the rhythm section.

Turning up the Tone Control again will now not only add even more brights but will also add slightly more drive to the attack. Setting it further up to the 3 and 4 o’clock position will give the amp considerable more punch and clarity. This is where most of the amps abilities will leap out with that classic Matchless Touch Response sound will come from.  This will add more hair on the front end attack and give that “crash and burn” feel. As you dig in and play your guitar harder the amp will have more breakup on the attack, as you back down it will clean up to your hands lighter touch.”

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