Lovepedal 60’s Reverb

Lovepedal 60’s Reverb


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This is the Lovepedal 60's Reverb pedal. It is a Lovepedal collaboration with Alfonso Hermida of Hermida Audio and Jack DeVille of Mr. Black Pedals. It emulates the sound of the onboard spring reverb from a blackface Fender amp. But it features more range and control than any onboard reverb.

Here's a rundown of the controls:

  • VERB: This is the blend knob for the wet signal. Full counter-clockwise is 100% dry. Full clockwise is 50/50 wet/dry.
  • DWELL: This adjusts the length of the decay. Turn it counter clockwise for short reverberations. Or turn it up for long, cavernous spring reverb.
  • PRE-DELAY: This puts a pause between your dry pick attack, and the start of the reverb trail. It helps to keep your playing from getting lost in heavy verb.
  • TONE: This is a low-pass filter tone knob for the wet signal. As you turn the knob counter-clockwise, brightness gets rolled off the reverb trails. So the wet signal can be set to sit perfectly under your dry signal.