KingTone Battery Box 4x – Just In!

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KingTone Battery Box 4x – Just In!


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Running your pedals from batteries not only improves tone but also reduces noise. The Kingtone Battery Box allows you to connect your batteries to your pedals without any intervening components. You no longer need to worry about unplugging your pedals to conserve battery life. When you power up or shut down your pedalboard, the batteries are automatically connected and disconnected. Red and white LEDs clearly indicate whether a battery is fully charged or running low. Changing the batteries is a breeze — in as little as 3 seconds, you can pull the old one out and insert a new one without the need for screws, lids, or any other hassles. The battery box is fully isolated, allowing you to mix and match positive ground pedals with negative ground pedals. Moreover, the Kingtone Battery Box has a compact design and can accommodate up to four 9-volt batteries.

In automatic mode, the battery box draws power from your pedalboard to detect whether it’s in use. This ensures batteries are automatically connected and disconnected, preventing them from dying if you forget to unplug. In the ‘ON’ mode, the battery activates, allowing you to use the pedalboard without needing a separate power supply. The ‘OFF’ mode switches off all battery outputs.

  • Toggle Switch for ON, AUTO and OFF.
  • Four x 9v Battery Slots
  • Fully Isolated. Allows You To Mix Positive and Negative Ground Pedals
  • Automatically Connects And Disconnects The Batteries
  • Standalone Mode
  • Toggle Switch For Automatic, Off and On.
  • Red and White LEDs Clearly Show The Current Status of The Batteries
  • Quick Change, Batteries Can Be Swapped Out In Seconds
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Case
  • Laser Engraved Control Panel