K-Line Springfield Electric Guitar – Sonic Blue Finish #020150 – Brand New Build

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K-Line Springfield Electric Guitar – Sonic Blue Finish #020150 – Brand New Build


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Here's a beautiful  K-Line Springfield S-Style  Electric Guitar in a Sonic Blue Finish with K-Line Signature  Pickups - vintage vibes all round ! Can't say enough great things about these guitars. Playability, sound, vibe....it's all there! Hardshell Case Included!

From K-Line :

How do you improve a legendary design? K-Line’s done it by using top notch components mated to the proper tonewoods with the best electronics. The Springfield  bears the standard single coil pickups and hardware configuration of the traditional double cutaway guitars from the past. At the crossroads of blues, rock and country, the double-cutaway design is the standard by which most electric guitars are judged. Once believed to be futuristic in its design, the double cutaway is now instantly recognizable as a classic beauty.

 Never one to settle for “the way it’s always been done,” K-Line master builder Chris Kroenlein sought to improve this double cutaway classic, The Springfield, by improving the neck pocket angle to allow for better intonation and tone. The end result is a better break angle and smoother operation of the tremolo system. With the addition of top notch electronics, The Springfield plays better than a vintage instrument, but still projects all the vintage vibe.

Specifications :

Serial #020150

Weight :  7.28 lbs

Body: Alder

Neck Profile: .850" C

Finish : Sonic Blue

Radius : 10"

Nut Width : 1.650"

Frets : 6125

Pickups : Signature '64's by K-Line

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