Jerry Jones Neptune Bass 6 String Electric Guitar – Copper Finish

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Jerry Jones Neptune Bass 6 String Electric Guitar – Copper Finish


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Since Jerry Jones discontinued his entire line of instruments in 2011, his instruments have become instantly collectable and more sought after than ever before. This is especially the case with a rare model like this  Jerry Jones Longhorn Bass 6 Guitar! Comes with Gig Bag.

Handmade in the USA as a high quality alternative to the Danelectro catalog guitars of the 1950s and '60s, Jerry Jones instruments capture the fun and unique tonal character of a vintage Danelectro, with the reliability and expert build quality required by today's professional players. Arguably the most iconic design in the Danelectro family, the Longhorn is both elegant and functional, allowing unprecedented access to the entire fretboard. While the original Danelectro model was favored by Nashville studio musicians for its percussive "tic-tac" bass qualities, the Jerry Jones design is equally as tonally pleasing, and great for any genre where a baritone register is desired. Whether its surf, shoegaze, or a Spaghetti Western soundtrack, the hollow twang, cut, and surprising warmth of the Jerry Jones Longhorn Bass 6 make it an ideal choice.

Serial# : 1907

Weight: 6.59 lbs

Body: Masonite

Scale: 29.75"

Nut Width: 1 11/16"

Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood

24 Frets

Tuners: Gotoh

Pickups: 0216 JJ Lipstick



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