Ripply Fall – Analog Chorus/Vibrato & Phaser – 2 Pedals in One! Art for Your Ears !

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Ripply Fall – Analog Chorus/Vibrato & Phaser – 2 Pedals in One! Art for Your Ears !


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" Art for Your Ears "....
 We now offer you a selection of JAM Effects Pedals handmade and hand painted in Greece and ALL ANALOG!

From Jam Effect Pedals :

  After years of recommending the WaterFall and the Ripple as a great combination, we set out to offer these two pedals, housed side-by-side in a single enclosure, with the introduction of the following unique features:

  • The middle footswitch triples the at-any-given-point WaterFall Speed, generating sounds ranging all the way from Leslie speaker simulation, to ring modulator effects and up to deranged warble!
  • Expression pedal inputs for sculpting the WaterFall’s Depth and Speed in real-time.

A smooth, lush-sounding Chorus / Vibrato pedal, featuring BBD chips, with 2 toggle- switches, one to select between chorus and vibrato modes, and another to switch to a “wetter” effect.


Smooth, sweet and transparent 2-stage phaser pedal.


“The Ripply Fall reflects a design mindset geared toward coaxing the more lyrical side out of each effect. The results are lovely and truly musical individual and composite modulation effects.” PREMIER GUITAR



“The thing that matters with musical tools is whether they inspire you. With today’s tech, any pedal, synth, or plugin can generate every sound under the sun, so it’s not about what sounds a machine is capable of — it’s about which ones it leads you to. The Ripply Fall is one of those pedals where every setting sounds so good that you want to write your song around it, and there’s another pleasant surprise every time you twist a knob. It’s a real gem.” Damian Kulash (OK Go)