Gretsch 6120 Electric Guitar – Jet Black Finish Owned & Signed by Doyle Bramhall II

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Gretsch 6120 Electric Guitar – Jet Black Finish Owned & Signed by Doyle Bramhall II


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Here's an iconic guitar owned by iconic guitarist Doyle Bramhall IIThis is his Jet Black Gretsch 6120 Electric Guitar (Left Handed)  Includes OHSC, Certificate of Authentication, Owned,  Autographed & Played by Doyle Himself (See Photos)

Arc Angels was a  band formed in  in the early 1990s. The band was composed of guitarist and singers  and  along with the two living members of 's : drummer  and bassist . The 'Arc' in the band's name came from the Austin Rehearsal Complex where the band first started jamming.

About Doyle Bramhall II:

"Bramhall is one of the few guitarists who plays with his instrument strung upside-down. He plays left-handed, but the instrument is strung upside-down with the high E on the top. This unusual arrangement of the strings gives his playing a unique sound, because he bends the strings by pulling them downwards rather than upwards, the customary approach. Others who have bent strings in this direction include , , , , , , , king of surf guitar , and the late blues guitarist , who played with his instrument flat on his lap for stability and increased string flexibility."

"Bramhall was born in Texas and lived half of his life in Northern California. His father, , Sr., played drums for the legendary bluesmen  and  and was a lifelong collaborator with his childhood friends  and . When Bramhall was 18, he toured with Jimmie Vaughan's band, . Two years later he co-founded the blues rock band  with fellow Austinite  and members from Stevie Ray Vaughan's rhythm section,  and . In 1996, he released his first solo album, . Following the 1999 release of , Bramhall's second album and first for RCA, he received phone calls from both  and . Bramhall joined Waters on his , playing guitar and providing background and lead vocals. His performances were recorded on the subsequent live album and DVD, . Bramhall also played guitar on Clapton's , a collaboration with . The album included versions of Clapton's and King's songs, and covers of blues songs—including two Bramhall-penned tracks originally from Jellycream."

Specifications :
Serial # : JT0404021

Weight : 7.09 lbs

Nut Width : 1.66"

Neck Depth @1st Fret : .839

Neck Depth @12th Fret : 1.05"

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