Gretsch 1972 Super Chet Electric Guitar

Gretsch 1972 Super Chet Electric Guitar


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Here is a 1972 Gretsch Super Chet in a Rare Sunburst Finish - Real Filtertron Pickups! This is a player grade guitar Good Condition that has some imperfections as follows:

Binding needs some repair

Master volume knob / cover needs repair

Headstock was repaired and refinished (impossible to tell without a black light, missing serial number)

No serial number / product label inside the F-Hole.

None of these things affect the playability of the guitar and it sounds and feels amazing!



"The Gretsch Super Chet is a very special guitar that was made from 1972 to 1980 and they are quite rare. There were several variations. The 1972 model had a headstock shaped much like a Gibson but was later changed to the "round-top" headstock that is common to Gretsch guitars. Chet Atkins was pictured on the cover of one of his albums with a 1972 Super Chet showing this variation. The usual finish was a "cherry-red" finish, however, there was a very rare variation made with Walnut and a tranparent brown finish. The Super Chet also was made with and without the Bigsby tremolo tailpiece. The Chet Atkins Bigsby tailpiece was much more rare on the Super Chet. The standard tailpiece had beautiful inlay and is a similar shaped tailpiece that was used in the late 1970-s and 80's on the Gretsch Country Club. By the way, all the hardware was real Gold plating-not the cheap brass or alloy plating seen on guitars now."



Weight: 8.6 lbs

Nut Width: 1.78"

Neck Depth @1st Fret: .81"

Neck Depth @12th Fret: .92"

Tuners: Schaler

Pickups: Filterton


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