Gibson 1960 Byrdland Vintage Electric Guitar – PAF’s , Gold Hardware, Bigsby Tailpiece , & OHSC !

Gibson 1960 Byrdland Vintage Electric Guitar – PAF’s , Gold Hardware, Bigsby Tailpiece , & OHSC !


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Dig this 2 Owners - passed from Father to Son - Vintage Gibson 1960 Byrdland Hollowbody ALL ORIGINAL (except for Gold ABR1 from late 60's & Strap Holders, and Amp Handle on OHSC) Electric Guitar  with PAF's in pristine condition, Florentine Cutaway & Original Hardshell Case and Stereo Pickup Configuration from Factory , Stereo Varitone & Bigsby !  Named by Billy Byrd and Hank Garland, who contributed in the making of the guitar when Gibson’s president was looking for new ideas, the Byrdland was unveiled in 1955 as the top of the line model in the then new thinline series. Original Hangtag included! Cool Wooden Case handle from Gibson Amp on OHSC !

Patterned after the L-5CES, except for a shorter and narrower neck ( designed for easier fingering of “twisted” chords and faster playing speed), the Byrdland went through the same evolution in terms of pickups & body style. In late 1960 the body was restyled with a pointed Florentine cutaway to facilitate access to the fingerboard. The newer shape entailed the use of a slightly shorter pickguard. This Byrdland plays beautifully and sounds amazing!

During the late ’50s/early ’60s it was THE guitar to have for jazz and country players because of its narrow short-scale neck (this used to be very popular).

The Byrdland had a rounded single cutaway from 1957-1960, this one has the  Florentine cutaway that was introduced in late 1960 . Humbucker pickups replaced the alnico pickups used on the earlier models and the guitar came in two colors- natural (wood) or sunburst. The shorter scale made playing single note runs and big neck stretches easier and truly helped guitarists play better.

The famous jazz club Birdland actually filed a lawsuit against Gibson over the name! It was dismissed when Gibson proved the name’s origins.

Spec Notes : 
Serial# : A34854
-Weight : 7.62 lbs
-Replaced Strapholders
-ABR1 Patent# replaced with late 60's
-PAF Pups Output : Neck 7.35k, Bridge 7.45k
-Pickups Out of Phase - from Factory
-Stereo  : comes with stereo cable
-Hang Tag in Case

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