Fender 1966 Vintage Blackface Vibrolux Guitar Amplifier – with Jensen Speakers!

Fender 1966 Vintage Blackface Vibrolux Guitar Amplifier – with Jensen Speakers!


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Here's a classic vintage 1966 Fender Blackface Vibrolux Reverb Guitar Amplifier. Recently re-coned Jensen Speaker. Previous owner removed pre-amp tube from channel 1 but we will ship with a replacement tube.


The Blackface Fender Vibrolux Reverb is one of the more desirable amps of the era. Fender discontinued the Brownface Vibrolux Amp in early '64, almost immediately replacing it with the Vibrolux Reverb. Sporting 35 watts of power from two 6L6 tubes in a 2x10" configuration, these amps broke up fairly early compared to the bigger 6L6 Fenders of the era thanks to their smaller speakers, output transformers, and power transformers. The result is a dreamy-sounding drive that would require blistering volumes or modification to get the same tone out of the bigger Super Reverb or Twin Reverb. As well, you'll notice the "BRIGHT" switches per channel, which do exactly what they say they'll do and create even more tonal possibilities for this killer stage amp.


1966 Fender Vibrolux Reverb AA864

Chassis Stamp A 07597
Tube Chart "PJ" = Oct 1966
Transformer Codes

606-6-34 = 34th week of 1966

606-6-28 = 28th week of 1966
606-6-35 = 35th week of 1966
606-6-21 = 21st week of 1966
Jensen Speakers #220549 = 49th week of 1965
  Recent Pro Recone by Heavy Sound of Culver City,Ca
Pot Codes
1376630 = 30th week of 1966
3046626 = 26th week of 1966
Basic Maintenance
  Some Caps and one input jack replaced
RCA Blackplate 6L6's
RCA preamp tubes
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