Cornerstone Antique Overdrive Pedal – Brand New !

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Cornerstone Antique Overdrive Pedal – Brand New !


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"You can ask all guitar players in the world: everybody knows or at least have heard a classic tube screamer pedal. And maybe you own one as well.

Tube Screamer has been widely used in hundreds of records and by hundreds of artists.

Despite its great sound, it does offer very little control over its sound, it gives no control over the dynamic response and its sound quality it’s very much depending on how the amp is set.

But still we love the TS sound and particularly we love John Mayer’s sound with it, especially in his album John Mayer Trio, so we did the tone research for you, to make an improved TS based pedal that could offer a wide variety of controls on tone and dynamics still being very easy to use.

So we introduce the ANTIQUE – classic drive.

A screamer at its core but with all the necessary versatility needed in particular on the mids frequencies to reach that awesome John’s screamer sound:

TONE and PRESENCE knobs manage the low and upper mid frequencies respectively.

MIDS switch in down position cuts the mids at 1Khz, while in up position let the whole mids content to pass.

COMP switch (already seen in our Gladio) manages the overall compression of the pedal.
You can choose the desired level of compression to meet your taste and playing.

So how does it sound? Take a minute to check out the demos below and judge with your ears.

You don’t have to look any further to reach this tone.

Rediscover the classic creamy screamer sound, start playing the Antique and let you be inspired again!"

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