Ambikab Guitar Amplifier by Komet Amplification – THE ULTIMATE WET/DRY/WET SOLUTION!

Ambikab Guitar Amplifier by Komet Amplification – THE ULTIMATE WET/DRY/WET SOLUTION!


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Check out this "Ambikab" by Komet Amplification. The AmbiKab® allows the amplifier to directly drive a set of guitar speakers (“dry signal”) without any effects added directly to it. A portion of this dry signal is then split off by the AmbiKab’s® internal circuitry and sent out into a effects unit. From there, a 100% effects signal (“wet signal”) is fed back into the AmbiKab® where a separate, internal stereo power amplifier sends the signal to a dedicated stereo set of speakers.



Komet® Amplification is proud to announce our new, patented proprietary effects processing speaker system: AmbiKab®. This new innovation provides a unique solution to the age old problem of applying ambient, time-based effects to an amplifier’s sound without degrading the original sound in any way.

Most guitar players are familiar with the issue; when applying time based effects such as reverb or delay before distortion, the sound “washes out” and becomes indistinct. The proper way to apply these types of effects is after the distortion - much as you would in the mix down stage in a recording studio. In classic vintage amplifiers and many non-master volume designs (such as our Komet® amplifier lineup), the output stage employs distortion as part of the sonic recipe - but effects loops typically do not work well in those amplifiers. This is where the AmbiKab® comes in.


2 - WGS 10" G10C/S - 75 Watt (94.48 Hz) 98.02 dB speakers (running effects)

2 - Celestion® Heritage (Made in England) G1265 - 65 Watt (85hz) 97dB speaker

Maximum power handling 160 Watts RMS operating at 16 Ohms

Cabinet dimensions: 30" x 11.50" x 26.50"

Weight: 69 lbs.