Alvarez Yairi Acoustic Guitar – Model FYM60 HD – Crafted from Seasoned Honduran Mahogany in Mint Condition!

Alvarez Yairi Acoustic Guitar – Model FYM60 HD – Crafted from Seasoned Honduran Mahogany in Mint Condition!


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Crafted from seasoned Honduran mahogany (at least 40 years) for a lightweight instrument with an open, warm voice.

This Yairi FYM60HD OM Adirondack Masterworks acoustic is an incredibly lively guitar with a rich and powerful voice for its size. The OM body shape, made with such great tonewood, delivers almost perfect balance and immediate response. The guitar itself is very light in weight due to the quality of the wood and thin finish. You feel it resonating as it instantly responds to your fingers' requests. Its projection is open and its volume is excellent. Being a Yairi, the FYM60HD Masterworks OM acoustic's intonation is incredible and the all-around spec of the guitar is of the highest level, with amazing Gotoh 510 tuners and ebony bridge, fingerboard and headstock veneer.

How They Came To Be

This magical line of guitars came about, almost by accident, as Alvarez were detailing the specs of a guitar for a wonderful player named Jack Pearson. It was thought that Adirondack spruce paired with Honduran mahogany would be the best combination needed for Jack’s tonal requests. Mr. Yairi amassed an incredible amount of tonewood throughout his life and although most is in or around the factory, some was stored on a piece of land he owned some miles away. The Alvarez team would go and see the wood on every trip to Kani, it became a ritual after lunch, but because most of the supply had darkened due to the elements Alvarez were never sure what all of it was. Looking back now, Mr. Yairi may have been thinking, "One day they will realise what is in here."

Well that day came. Suspecting that Mr. Yairi had a supply of Honduran mahogany on his piece of land Alvarez travelled there again, and what they found in terms of tonewood was pure gold; Perfectly conditioned billets of old growth Honduran mahogany that had been naturally seasoning for around 50 years.

Had Alvarez's team not discussed Honduran for Jack’s guitar they may have never discovered such a treasure. This series celebrates this amazing wood, arguably the best tonewood of all, and it also celebrates Mr. Yairi’s lifelong (and beyond) commitment to his art.

The mahogany has been paired with AAAA Adirondack spruce, and an OM model is available in all solid Honduran. Sonically they’re incredibly full and powerful with huge clear bass and mids. They’re almost intuitive in the way they respond, and captivating in the way they draw the player in and take them away. You will lose hours in your day playing one of these amazing instruments.

Honduran Series are some of the best guitars Alvarez-Yairi have ever made and offer incredible value for such highly specified, inspiring handmade instruments.

Serial#: 72733

-Solid AAAA Adirondack spruce top with solid, vintage Honduran mahogany
-One-piece mahogany neck
-Dovetail with extended neck joint
-Ebony direct coupled bridge
-Paua abalone and mother-of-pearl inlays
-Ivoroid binding
-Ebony bridge pins
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