L.A. Vintage Gear is the ONLY dealer for Danocaster guitars. We always have a nice collection of Danos in our shop. As we get more in we will constantly update this web page.

Check back often. There is no place where you can view and come play multiple Danocasters other than L.A. Vintage Gear

Danocaster Guitar Co. uses only the finest woods for their bodies. They mix all of their own colors and apply very thin vintage style Nitro lacquer finishes, which are all buffed out BY HAND for an authentic vintage look!!

Danocaster necks are carefully worked as they build up a thin hard lacquer finish so it looks and feels like an old friend!

All electronics are all top quality as well. Dan uses specially wound pickups from Peter Florance ( Voodoo pickups ), Nick Sorenson, Budz, Mike Brierley, Lindy Fralin, Peter Leonard and Jason Lollar to name a few.  Danocaster guitar Co. uses all CTS pots, Switchcraft switches and jacks, and all cloth wiring - very neatly soldered.

The hardware is also meticulously aged USING NO MURATIC. Through trial and error (and many ruined parts), Dan found new and better techniques

Once completed, each guitar is then expertly set-up and given a good deal of actual “play time” to give a nice broken in feel which adds up to a guitar that not only LOOKS great - but plays and sounds outstanding !!

Danocaster creates the look, feel, and tone of all of those classic designs we love - but with some modern twists for better playability. Best new/old guitars we have ever had in our shop.

Pre-Owned Danocaster Guitars. Each Pre-Owned Danocaster guitar we get in is only purchased by us if there is zero fret wear and from a non-smoking environment.

When we receive a Pre-Owned Danocaster guitar we dress the frets, check all electronics and hardware, oil the fretboard, re-string and give her a setup, virtually like receiving a new Danocaster without the wait.

Come by and check them out for yourself if you’re in town.

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