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Now Two Locations: 1206 Burbank Blvd. Burbank, CA 91506 | 11636 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604


About L.A. Vintage Gear

Specializing in Pro Players, Engineer / Producers Gear.

Too many guitars, amps or outboard gear? Whether you are a session player, engineer, rock star or player collector, you can look to L.A. Vintage Gear to get you top dollar for the sale of your gear.

If you are interested in L.A. Vintage Gear representing your gear, please call or e-mail us.

We welcome your inquiries.

About The Owner: Clif Jones

Moved to L.A. in 1977 with a rock n roll band and a record contract. The record company, RSO, folded 2 weeks after we played a showcase at The Troubadour, not because of us :o)  All the guys except for me decided to go back to Atlanta but I stayed. I interviewed for a job as a recording engineer and quickly found out I wasn’t qualified for ” the big time ” yet … BUT – A fellow named Bill Lazarus, who engineered the James Taylor ” Sweet Baby James ” record and ran Warner Bros. studios said if I took his engineering class he might be able to place me. I graduated top of the class and Bill, who was changing up gigs to run the new ” Evergreen ” recording complex hired me.

I had a great run and after 2 years got the dream job – a gig at The Village Recorders. I worked with everyone from Rick Springfield to Frank Sinatra to Barbara Streisand.

I decided to leave the 100 hour weeks in the record studios to co-raise my Son as a single Dad. Week on, Week off, I don’t have a single regret. As a matter of fact, with the record business being what it is now it was probably a great move.

Ok – Fast forward – I befriended a lot of the great ” cats ” / players in the business. Mike Landau, Dean Parks, Jeff Porcaro, Tim Pierce, Lee Sklar to name a few. I started collecting, buying and selling instruments. They all took notice and one by one asked if I would sell a few pieces for them. I said sure. I did this out of my home for several years until a friend – pedal board designer Dave Phillips, L.A. Sound Design, and Tim Pierce said ” Hey – this space is opening up next to me in our building, come have a look. I did – I plunged in – I remodeled – I bought gear. I now own a music store – Tough but rewarding in these times but when you have a cat like a Walter Becker from Steely Dan come in and hang for 3 hours, a Michael Landau / Val McCallum / or Rusty Anderson come in, or an up and coming 12-year-old come in – it’s all worth it.

My reward in life is contributing to a real song by real musicians with real gear. I’m not interested in catering to the hip-hop / rap / electronic music scene.  You want the best gear for the greatest organic sound / feel? That’s us. Come in and hang. That’s what we are all about.