Ronin Mod S-Kit Electric Guitar – Mini Foilbuckers – Rare build!

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Ronin Mod S-Kit Electric Guitar – Mini Foilbuckers – Rare build!

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“A beautifully voiced guitar that is sonically unique. It has a clean sound that shimmers differently and a vocal like tone when it’s cranked. It’s a welcomed addition to my sonic arsenal.”

— Eddie Martinez - Guitarist

“It’s pure delight. I love how it has the familiarity of being a branch off of the “S” style family tree, but has the crazy acoustic resonance and sonic depth I’ve come to expect from [Ronin's] wood selection and pick up designs. It’s an amazingly inspiring guitar that I love playing, and it enables me to speak with an expansive and unique voice. ”

— Dan Phelps - Guitarist, Writer & Producer



(Gig Bag Included ! )

·       Body: Ash

·       Neck: Rock Maple Neck

·       Fretboard: Rosewood

·       Frets: 21 Stewmac 154

·       Scale Length: 25.5”

·       Truss Rod: Single Action

·       Radius: 9.5”

·       Back Contour: 86-92 C Shape

·       Nut Width: Approx 1” 11/16ths w/ Heavy Edge Roll

·       Inlay: Dots

·       Finish: Fiesta Red

·       Pickguard: White

·       Weight: 7.5 lbs


·       Mannmade® 2 Pin Full Size Steel Block Tremolo

·       Stainless Steel-Stamped Saddles

·       Kluson Supreme Tuners



·      3 Foilbucker Mini Pickups