Ripple 2 Stage Phaser by JAM Pedals – Art For Your Ears!

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Ripple 2 Stage Phaser by JAM Pedals – Art For Your Ears!


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Art for Your Ears "....

We now offer you a selection of JAM Effects Pedals handmade and hand painted in Greece and ALL ANALOG!

From JAM Pedals :

The Ripple is an homage to 2-stage phasing.

It offers a truly unique, deep “vibey” tone, that we are extremely proud of!

Breathe new life into your funky percussive grooves, enhance arpeggiating parts with deep “vibey” modulation, or max it out to animate quirky passages.

The Ripple performs equally well before and after overdrive pedals. One may not encounter 2-stage phasing circuits so often these days, but we believe in its sincerity and straight-forwardness so much we are proud to include it as the JAM pedals offering in the genre.


John Medeski, Dweezil Zappa, Greg Koch, Guy Pratt, Julien Kasper, James Sedwards, Red Fang


“I’ve been enjoying the Ripple a great deal. It’s got a really mellow phase tone that doesn’t overtake the sound of the guitar.” James Sedwards

"Tasty phaser with a real nice wobble to it."  Sean Ono Lennon