Mark Kendrick Advancing Drive – Great Overdrive Pedal! 5 of 8

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Mark Kendrick Advancing Drive – Great Overdrive Pedal! 5 of 8

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We got ‘em! In our move to our newest location, we found a cache of Mark Kendrick Design Advancing Drive and Furnace pedals. All of them are NOS. Not produced since early 2018, supplies are extremely limited and, at the present time, no plans to make anymore. Used by Vince Gill, Merle Haggard, Rudy Sarzo, John Mayer, Nikki Sixx, Steve Wariner, Gilby Clarke, Ronnie Wood, and others, there’s got to be something to them.

From Mark Kendrick:

Ask many and they’ll tell you: I’ve always been a guitar guy. Additionally, I’m a loud guitar guy. It’s that certain degree of sound that inspires and provides me a better means of self-expression.

I came up in an age when it was all about that: Clapton, Page, Frampton, Gibbons, Richards and many others. They all played a role in shaping and defining the pursuit of my guitar sound. If you’re a player, you know the pursuit I’m describing. That sound, at times, can be elusive but when it’s captured, there’s no other feeling like it.

My name is Mark Kendrick. I’ve been fortunate enough to live and work around guitars my entire life. In fact, all of those players that I mention above, I’ve had the opportunity to work with at one time or another. To quote a friend and industry colleague of mine “for guys like us, that’s as good as being president”.

I like things simple and for the most part, I take a no-nonsense approach to the sound of the guitar. Guitar, cable, amp, and more often than not, it’s good. However, in this day and age, I’ve come to appreciate the smaller and more compact choices in amplification. Yet, I still like it to “feel” loud. I developed the Advancing Drive for players like me. Big or small, it -is- a twist on a simple Mosfet enhancement device that will add definition, clarity, and a better means of self-expression to your overall guitar experience. The circuit has been around for decades and I’m not one to mess with a good thing. After all, aren’t we still playing electric guitars that were developed more than half a century ago? In my Mark Kendrick Design Advancing Drive, there are some simple twists, including a clipping circuit to limit certain portions of the wave form to drive the signal into a nice break up. It’s quite natural and amp-like.

This pedal can be used as a buffer, drive, boost, and even visit realms of compression and distortion, depending on how you as the player choose to apply it. It can be a very personal guitar enhancing device. With just slight coloration and its wide open, plus 26dB gain, it will also slam (and slam plenty) the front end of your amp just as the linear boosts did in previous eras. It works and it works well.

I hand make every one of these. Why? Because it’s something I want to do. It allows me to check, tailor, test, and creatively paint each one. I guess all of us are artists and create in our own way.

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