Magnatone Twilighter 2 x 12 Stereo Combo Amplifier – Classic Vintage Vibe!

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Magnatone Twilighter 2 x 12 Stereo Combo Amplifier – Classic Vintage Vibe!

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We are proud to now be a Magnatone dealer and carry their magnificent line of tube amplifiers in a variety of this Magnatone  Twilighter 2 x 12 Stereo Combo Amplifier . 

The classic Twilighter, plus stereo.

Never before has this effect been recreated in its original form, Magnatone's stereo pitch shifting vibrato is truly dimensional sound. The classic American sound has been updated and brought into the 21st Century. Both vibrato and tremolo are available via the FM/AM switch. This is electronic Americana that oozes classic tone, a true tribute to the ancestor with power!

  • Original varistor based pitch shifting vibrato switchable to tremolo

  • Tube driven spring reverb

  • 2x Dual 6V6 output tubes

  • Full bodied clean tones and natural overdrive

  • Finger jointed cabinet

  • Two custom voiced 12" speaker

  • GZ34 Tube rectifier

  • Vibrato/Tremolo speed may be controlled by remote expression pedal

The magnatone way

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We recognize that our most important asset will always be the confidence of our dealers, peers, and customers. We will always be unwavering advocates of American manufacturing, and use American-made parts and labor in our American products.We are committed to fair and equal opportunity employment practices concerning all those we are proud to hire at Magnatone. We will foster a culture of openness, honesty, and integrity at every level — among employees, our partners, and customers. We understand that those who sell our products are personal representatives of our brand, and we will take every opportunity to support them and their businesses. We will never forget that while our customers keep us in business, our dealers keep us in customers."

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