Magnatone Panoramic Stereo 12+12 Watt Tube Head with 2×10 Stereo Extension Cabinet – Brand New!

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Magnatone Panoramic Stereo 12+12 Watt Tube Head with 2×10 Stereo Extension Cabinet – Brand New!

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We are proud to now be a Magnatone dealer and carry their magnificent line of tube amplifiers in a variety of this Magnatone Panoramic Stereo 12+12 Watt Tube Head with 2x10 Stereo Extension Cabinet - Brand New!

Tube Head Loaded with Vintage Vibe

With the Panoramic Stereo all-tube amplifier head, Magnatone managed to put a world of vintage-style effects and tone into an amp head that's perfect for gigging, rehearsing, and recording. It sings with the highly detailed clean sounds and gritty power-tube overdrive that have made the brand so desirable. And the Magnatone Panoramic Stereo amplifier head's addition of onboard effects and two 12-watt power sections offers old-school sonic options, such as stereo pitch shifting, tremolo, and spring reverb.

Harmonically rich and clear tones

No matter what electric guitar you put through it, the Magnatone Panoramic Stereo all-tube amp head will reward you with a full sound no matter what cabinets you put it through.

Stereo vibrato and tremolo

Along with its pristine tone, the Magnatone Panoramic Stereo head is capable of surrounding you in ambient, swirling, modulated sound. The amp is powered by a pair of 12-watt, EL84-based power sections that can be run in mono or stereo. By dialing in the amp's onboard effect, you'll hear your sound expand into a 3-dimensional quality.

  • All-tube amp head
  • Highly detailed tone that goes from crystal cleans to vintage breakup
  • 12 + 12-watt EL84 power sections drive each output individually or together
  • Stereo pitch shifting, tremolo, and Accutronics reverb available onboard
  • Effects are footswitchable with included pedal
  • Beautiful and vintage-correct aesthetics
Matching 2 x 10 Extension Cab
Finger Jointed Cabinet With 100% Cotton Textile Covering

14K Gold Plated Chevrons

Custom Magnatone Embossed Saddle Leather Handle



8 Ohms Per Side Stereo, 4 Ohms Mono


25 Watts Per Side Stereo, 50 Watts Mono


Two Jensen C10R Ceramic Magnet








24 lbs

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