Fender vintage 1965 Mustang Electric Guitar – Olympic White Finish!

Fender vintage 1965 Mustang Electric Guitar – Olympic White Finish!


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Here's a 1965 Fender Mustang in Olympic White.  These were originally conceived as student guitars but have enjoyed popularity in the alternative rock/indie scene and is now a vintage classic. This has a dark rosewood fingerboard and the original single coil pickups, a shorter scale length, "C" shaped neck, with an offset body design that makes this a comfortable instrument both seated and while standing.


"Introduced just before the CBS takeover of Fender, the Mustang was part of a redesign of Fender's line of student level guitars which included the Duo-sonic and Musicmaster. The Mustang offered somewhat more sophisticated electronics than earlier student guitars and also featured a 24-inch scale length. In its earliest era, the Mustang was available in a shorter 22 1/2-inch scale length, but these guitars are very uncommon. Since being discontinued in 1982, the Mustang has been reissued a number of times, and has found some popularity among alternative and indie rock players."

Years of Production: 1964 - 1982

Body Style: Offset solidbody

Wood Composition: Alder body, Maple neck with veneer Rosewood fingerboard

304-6618 on pot = 1966
Neck: Dec 1965

Specifications :

Weight: 7.52 lbs.
Nut Width : 1.609”
Neck Depth @1stFret  - .844”

Neck Depth @12th - .891”