Vemuram Myriad Josh Smith Signature! Fuzz pedal with a loop and dry-mix

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Vemuram Myriad Josh Smith Signature! Fuzz pedal with a loop and dry-mix


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   Look what just came through our doors! The long awaited Josh Smith Signature Myriad Fuzz! Josh was just in our shop and personally signed each one ! This new pedal really lives up to it's name, offering a 'Myriad' of possibilities!

from Vemuram :

The Myriad took more than 2 years to complete with Josh Smith’s inspirational idea.

This pedal is a mixture of the Myriad Fuzz, Loop, and a mixer that can do literally “Myriad” of combinations.

The fuzz can be switched between 2 outputs and lets you mix the loop and the fuzz if the signal is in the wet chain. (Please see the attached matrix table inside the control manual for more details)

The Mix can be controlled by an expression pedal or the control knob on the center of the pedal (red knob).

A unique fuzz that employ's both Germanium and Silicon transistors. It goes from fire breathing silicon to cool warm germanium easily, it cleans up just like the vintage fuzzes, and is more dynamic and organic. It goes from a spitty to smooth driven sound. It also has a large amount of volume on tap and a tone circuit that allows it to really work live.

The Myriad can plug into 2 amps to let you achieve countless options with other effects, a new generation concept with Myriad of combinations.

Josh Smith’s Comment:

“The Myriad is the end result of years of ideas and exploration.

I wanted a way to be creative in a two amp situation, this pedal cracks the code on creativity by giving you literally “myriad” of routing options and possibilities.

Plus, in my opinion the best fuzz pedal in the world."



Toggle Switches:  OUT2-GND, FUZZ

Push Switches:  LOOP PHASE, OUT2 PHASE

Foot Switches :  FUZZ, LOOP

Input / Output Terminal :  INPUT, EXP, SND, RTN, OUT1(MIX, OUT2(THRU-ISO)

Internal Switch :  MODE A : Factory setting, MODE B : Option setting

Trimmer :  Germanium Bias

Transistors :  Silicon and Germanium (Selected)

Power :  006P(9Volt Battery) or 9Volt regulated AC/DC adapter(Center Negative)

Size:  140(W) x 970(D) x 50 (H)mm

Weight:  750g


1 - 6


*Please do not use higher voltage than 9V with this pedal. It is specifically created and designed for 9V.