Sunrise Lo-Z Passive Direct Box – Great Sounding & Transparent

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Sunrise Lo-Z Passive Direct Box – Great Sounding & Transparent


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The Sunrise Lo-Z Direct Box is a passive low impedance device designed to couple a Sunrise Preamp Buffer Box or Sunrise Tube Interface to a balanced Line or Mic input. The Lo-Z Direct Box features XLR pin 2 or pin 3 selectable switching, ground lift, and a bypass 1/4" output. The S-LoZ has a Bauer/Richenbach transformer that is metal enclosed. This device should be used when it is not possible to use high impedance outputs due to noise, hum from stage transformers, AC ground problems or other sources of interference. This box allows the STI or S-B1 to remain unbalanced, maintaining a pristine signal path unless a balanced line is needed. When recording or playing live with a Sunrise Pickup, Tube Interface, or Preamp Buffer Box the Lo-Z Direct Box is the perfect link to the console, or direct to tape or disk.

This is a Pre-Owned Item in Excellent Conditions - small hairline scratches on the bottom (shown in photos).

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